WOMEN'S WELLNESS RETREAT with Renée Kdir 16 - 21 June or 19 - 24 September 2022

5 nights Spa Bliss & Spiritual Healing Retreat

We welcome you to rest and replenish in exotic comfort at Riad Dar Haven for blissful body, mind and spirit.  This retreat holds space for you to reconnect with yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience by strengthening your heart and empowering your soul.  Step into sacred space where deep healing can begin, promoting emotional and psychological well being.  Be soothed and pampered with hammam & massage. Be nourished and indulged with delicious Moroccan cuisine and sunny coastal climate. Start your day with yoga or a walk along the beachfront.

This retreat is especially for women who: 

  • Feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or anxious and need supportive time away from daily demands and responsibilities
  • Find themselves at a cross-roads yet may be feeling stuck or uncertain
  • Experiencing symptoms of  a ”dark night of the soul” feeling loss of ambition, direction and/or motivation
  • Feel something is missing or crumbling in their life and are seeking deeper meaning and connection
  • Feel disconnected from other women and their own femininity
  • Seeking an element of spiritual depth with an exotic holiday 

On this retreat you will:  

  • Create space to feel grounded, expanded and at peace within yourself
  • Get to know yourself at a deeper level and bring healing and/or clarity to past or current situations
  • Connect, experience and appreciate your own feminine nature more deeply
  • Activate Divine Feminine love and compassion within your soul
  • Gain a higher perspective of situations you have outgrown and renewed courage for stepping into a beautiful future

This retreat has been softly structured for an unhurried and accessible retreat experience. Allowing plenty of time to reflect and integrate at your own pace, in your own way. You may wish to add more spa treatments, 1:1 healing sessions or other activities to maximise your precious time away. We will discuss a program best suited to your needs. 

This retreat is open to a maximum of 6 participants to allow enough time and attention for each participant.

You will enjoy your own private bedroom with ensuite bathroom – unless opting to bring a friend and share together. Each room is unique, some are larger than others, yet all rooms offer the same level of comfort and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

~ Limited to 6 place ~


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